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Have you been charged with settling a loved one's estate?

If you have been entrusted with settling a loved one's estate, the first step is the probate process. This

process is applicable regardless of whether there was a will in place or the details of the estate. It is the

legal process by which a deceased's assets are properly utilized and distributed according to the law

and estate planning.

  • The estate is analyzed to determine its assets and ownership

  • The will, if one exists, is read and compared to the assets of the estate

  • Any outstanding debts are fulfilled using liquidated assets from the estate where legally applicable

  • Remaining assets are distributed according to the wishes outlined in the will

  • If there is no will, the estate is distributed according to the law

What happens during probate?

The probate process comes at a difficult and painful time, and can seem like a daunting addition to everything else you are doing when coping with a death. Let us make this process easier with compassionate, supportive representation that helps you through each step as quickly and smoothly as possible. Flexible appointment hours are available

to fit us easily into your schedule. You can even have us come to you to handle the process where you are comfortable.

Trust us to see you through the process

Trust our over 25 years of experience to guide you through the often stressful process of probate and make it easier for you.

Give us a call to get started settling your loved one's estate.


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